Technology is a real boon for us. Today, with our Internet-enabled hand-held devices, we can easily do whatever we want. Be it a shopping, booking hotels, tickets or whatsoever, it just takes a few clicks to get anything we want. Even the real estate could not remain untouched by the tech era. Gone are the days when people needed to travel around the city to look or ask around friends and families for the right rental property. Now with just a few clicks they can get tons of useful information.

Say a renter is looking for rental properties in Calgary, Alberta, all that requires is search online for Calgary rental properties and explore the options out there from single family homes, condos or apartments on rental websites or websites of property management companies in Calgary. Similarly, as a Calgary landlord you have a variety of options to market your rental property in Calgary from engaging property management and rental websites as well as local classified sites such as Kijiji to get your property online. Alternately you can work with a local rental property management companies or leasing agents in Calgary.

According to recent the survey by a reputed real estate research firm, renters are exceedingly using technology to rent apartments. As more renters are discovering homes on desktop apps, tablets and mobile, it makes property management in Calgary easy. Let’s face it, property managers understand that if they need qualified professional renters, they must be digital and tech savvy to support the renter’s expectations while also ensuring they earn decent returns on their rental property investments. Here are the tips helping you to manage the expectations of the renters in today’s digital era.

• Apps to the Rescue
When it comes to the internet revolution, the real estate industry has been at the forefront of embracing and offering digital technologies. Today vacant properties and units are listed on the apps and websites with concise search functions. Many digital listings platforms offer virtual reality tours and high-quality images to allow prospective busy tenant better information and viewing experiences about the rental property without stepping out of their couch!
Renters in Calgary have a wide assortment of apps and websites for both buyers and sellers to find the right home and some feature GPS technology that makes easy to scout neighborhoods. You can find dozens of sites and apps offering rental properties in for renters or rental property management companies for property owners. Some notable rental websites with apps include Padmapper, Trovit, Rent Faster, Viewit, and Kijiji Calgary.

• Digital Listing
Digital era has revolutionized today’s real estate market. Digital listings have been more essential than ever. Rather than just a decent shot, many property owners need quality images in order to attract clients. The days are far gone when “curb appeal” was considered as the selling force, but today, the digital listing has taken its place. Today, the digital tech in real estate has made easy for landlords and property owners to post their rental property with a push of few buttons and get instant response. Many of these digital renal listings now only allow renters to go over the property using virtual tours but also find out available community amenities such as schools, hospitals grocery stores and restaurants in walking distances.

• Go Paperless!
With the advent of the digital era, today, the need for paperwork has virtually come to an end. The services such as DocuSign allow parties to sign the legally binding documents using mobile devices on the move! Thus saving time and providing convenience both for landlord and tenants equally.

• Online Property Rental Estimates
With Bank of Canada raising interest rates again recently, it is getting harder for people to qualify for once affordable mortgages. This means increasing rental demand in Canadian cities. Despite this, Calgary still has a softer demand for rental property largely due to heavy dependence on Oil & Gas jobs that are yet to recover to 2014 levels. This presents a constant challenge for landlords and property owners to rightly price their rental property. One of the reasons this is more difficult than expected is due to lack of accurate rental data by communities and property types.

To address this, some websites and rental property management companies in Calgary (including LeaseWell Property management) assist property owners to evaluate their rental property and advice on fair market rental value by crunching available public rental data for similar properties, available community amenities as well as property features, condition and age! Mostly, property management companies offer these services to landlords and property owners free of charge and with no obligations.

To summarize, as the Calgary’s real estate and rental market continues responds to employment and financial conditions, it’s quite natural that renters, buyers and landlords would look for the high-tech ways to gain competitive edge. The digital era enables renters to locate right property matching their needs and allow landlords to offer time saving online processes, ease of use and convenience.