The experienced homeowners who have bought and sold their homes before, know by their own experience that a well kept home always shows from other homes that are not well kept. More over a well kept and maintained home for sale also sells for higher than the one which owners put on the market after living years in it and just barely taking care of the necessities.

Buyers when shopping for their next home, visit and see a number of homes for sale in the area they want to buy before they like something and want to make an offer on the home to buy. First, a well kept and cared house or apartment truly shows, more over the buyers know what to look for in the homes for sale that reflects good value or major pitfalls e.g. electrical or structural issues. Therefore, I’d never suggest ignoring those before putting it on the market, it just doesn’t work out in most cases or comes out in the inspection. Worse even if someone likes the house you are likely to give more price discount to factor those than if you just took time to fix them yourself!

Once you have taken care of the essentials, evaluate your property in terms of what areas may benefit by a minor repairs or upgrade. Based on the recent statistics the following repairs and upgrades bring in more value to your home for sale;

1. Kitchen Remodel Works:
Most homeowners spend more time evaluating kitchen than any other part of the home when they are looking for a home to buy. Therefore, it is important that if you have an outdated kitchen or if it requires some repair anyway, you may want to invest wisely in a minor kitchen remodel or upgrade. A kitchen update for your home for sale covering 25-30 feet of re-facing for cabinets and drawers, sink and fixtures, laminate counter tops, a new wall oven, cook top and resilient flooring will set you back by about $14000–15000. However, you would be surprised that on an average such a project can fetch you about 25% more at the time of the home sale.

2. Do A Bathroom Upgrade:
After Kitchen, bathroom is the next space in the home that people like to critically scrutinize when they are looking to buy a home. Depending on your taste a minor bath remodel can come at anywhere between $4500-$9000 but most of this investment you can recoup at the time of home sale. In the above budget you can get a new modern shower, a fancy bath tub, updated lighting, flooring and his and her sink with cabinets.
If you are short on budget but are handy, you can use some of your elbow grease to reduce your bill. Somethings that most couples can do towards this are; getting rid of the old caulk and re-caulking your tub, re glazing your old tub for a newer look; applying fresh paint and re-tiling the walls and adding new curtains and replacing older sink and taps with a newer ones.

3. Add Curb Appeal with Landscaping:
Most homes get sold between April-Jun than any other time in the year. A strategic landscaping project will not only make your home more inviting with great curb appeal but would also help bring in more buyers for your home for sale and offers at higher price. With regards to the budget; Most landscaping projects would entail a cost of $4500 -$5500 . This would include the designer fees and supplies.
It would cover a splash of color at the front of the house with plants and shrubs, for most impact vary the height of plants. Replace overgrown shrubbery with flowering foundation plants, mixing heights and colors for dramatic effect. A charming focal point like a walkway and fountain adds major value to your property.
“Landscaping is probably the easiest and most affordable way to increase your home value” says Joanna Kopacz from CIR Realty in Calgary. Blooming flowers or plants and neatly trimmed lawns in your front and back yard make a house very attractive. A charming focal point like a walkway and fountain adds major value to your property.

4. Make Your Home Bigger
“The total square footage of your home has a big impact on market value” says Joanna Kopacz from CIR Realty who is based in Calgary. Price per square foot is one way most realtors help clients compare homes that have similar features. style and upgrades. Not surprising, bigger homes on sale tend to command higher market values. Adding a room is the obvious way to make your house bigger, but you can also create additional living space by finishing the unfinished basement or building a deck.

3 Tips to Sell Your Home Faster
There is always something beyond superficial look of the house and more instinctive that makes them go for it. Make sure a proper home staging is done in advance so your home appeals to the maximum number of potential buyers looking for a similar home for sale. To bring the feeling of a home to your open house visitors you may like to use one or more of the followings winning tactics that ensure you get the best offers and top dollars on your homes;

1. Stage your home:
An empty house may provide a clean slate to the home buyers to be creative and imagine how they can use the space for their own personal use, especially if neutral colors have been used through out. However, it is also on the downside makes it harder for them to visualize the true potential and possibilities that the house and space therein presents. That’s where the professional staging comes in the picture! Therefore, a house staged professionally not only presents it to the buyers in most professional way, but it also can help you sell home faster! It’s an investment worth considering if you are in the market for selling a mid or high value home!
Just on a cautionary note from Joanna; You don’t have to be in the home during the staging. However if you decide to be in the open house, make sure not to volunteer unnecessary information about your home for sale to the home buyers; such as why you are selling the home. As it may work against you at the negotiation stage. Also make sure your realtor is available during the whole open house duration.

2. Bake Cookies:
This is a outright winner and is used by so many top notch realtors in their open houses. The aroma and smell of fresh baked cookies is totally irresistible to visiting couples and if they have kids they just love the experience and start imagining their future in your home for sale

3. Play Music:
This is another great way to welcome the visitors in to your home for sale, especially if it’s a bright warm spring or summer day people are greeted with soft playing music with a bright light falling from the open windows leaves visitors feeling a sense of home they would love to settle in!

Are you are in the market and have a home for sale in the communities below, get a no obligation free home evaluation of your home’s current market value from Joanna Kopacz from CIR Realty in Calgary.

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